Konus (Cone) Gallery was created in 1999 by the artists Yassen and Emiliya Golev. It combines in itself some of the most original searches in various fields of modern fine and applied arts, introducing both already established and young authors.
The Gallery operates mostly based on the principle of frequently renewed general exposition whose aim is to exhibit a maximum number of creators less stylistically united than building a uniform aesthetic platform. There, among the works of painting, graphic arts, small sculpture, ceramics, textile, silver and glass, you can also find real original patchwork.
The various styles and creative searches of the authors present in the Gallery not only provoke and arouse the interest of the art connoisseurs, but create wealth and diversity that determine its characteristic appearance.
With its artistic and exquisite style, Konus Gallery provides extensive opportunities for a contact with the original and the non-standard in the modern Bulgarian art.